Phaedra Sian Barnes – Yackandandah Australia

I fell into photography. And loved every minute of it. I just want to soak it all up like a giant sponge. I love creating, daydreaming, looking at pleasing things.

I have passion for creating and preserving images for generations to come. I love looking back at old photographs, so much history, so many questions! This is the digital age and we have almost unlimited resources at our fingertips to capture story telling images. I want others to understand who you really are and what is really important to you. One day you will become part of someone else’s history; show them rich images that share your unique story.

My service extends from the initial consultation to presenting you with your final finished photographs. I will even hang your photographs on your wall! I want you to LOVE them, smile-like-an-idiot love them. I’ll show you what smiling like an idiot is all about ;)